Ready for an experience of a lifetime?

Come visit Aikman Wildlife Adventure for a variety of adventures for the whole family! Each adventure provides a different experience from driving through our mile-long path of Zebras, Camels, Water Buffalo, and more to walking among our Hyenas, Black Bear, Wolfdogs, Petting Zoo, and others! You can also experience one of our more interactive adventures by feeding our large herbivores on a safari-like Wagon Tour or getting Behind The Scenes to learn more about our animals. Which adventure will you choose?

*10% Discount on Admission prices for Veterans, First Responders and Senior Citizens (65 years & older)
*Free Admission: Children ages 2 and Under
*We Offer Season Passes! Click Here to See Our Options

Drive-Thru Adventure

What you will experience

We are the only Drive-Thru Safari Adventure in Illinois so don’t miss out! Drive your vehicle on our mile-long path exploring our animal sanctuary to see over 100 exotic animals including Bison, Water Buffalo, Wildebeest and more right from the comfort of your car. Afterward, stroll through the rest of the park to see our smaller animals, aviary, and predators throughout our Walk-Thru/Petting Zoo area.  


13 years & Up : $11
3 years to 12 years : $8

Vehicle Only Option

Per Standard Vehicle : $25
Per Small Bus/12 Passenger Van or Bigger : $60

*USDA regulations state unsupervised interactions with the animals are not allowed, therefore you must keep your windows rolled up, stay in your car and cannot pet or feed the animals while on your self guided drive.

Walk-Thru Adventure

What you will experience

Want to walk on the wild side? The Walk-Thru Adventure is where you are free to roam the portion of the park that our smaller animals, aviary, and predators live. You can expect to see many different animals including Red Kangaroos, Hyenas, Cavies, Ring-Tailed Lemurs and more!

The Walk-Thru is also where our Petting Zoo animals live including Pygmy Goats, Texas Doll Sheep, Llamas & Fallow Deer. Purchase feed for $1 per cup and watch them feed right from the palms of your hands! 

Hungry? The Watering Hole is open during our extended summer hours. Enjoy Ice Cream, Shave Ice, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Soft Drinks & more.


13 years & Up : $7
3 years to 12 years : $5

Wagon Tour Adventure

What you will experience

Who wants to feed and pet exotic animals?! Experience around 100 different animals living happily together and roaming freely during our Wagon Ride Adventure. Your experience will be narrated by one of our knowledgeable guides while you pet and feed Zebras, Camels, Emus and moreWagon Ride Adventures include the Walk-Thru/Petting Zoo Adventure as well in which you will be able to stroll through the rest of the park to see our smaller animal habitats, aviary, and predators. 


13 years & Up : $16
3 years to 12 years : $13

Behind The Scenes

What you will experience

Ready to have an experience of a lifetime?! Schedule your Behind The Scenes Adventure today to enjoy the most up close and personal encounters with our animals than any other tour! Our educated guide escorts you through our Walk-Thru area to see our predators, aviary, and smaller animal habitats. Then go Behind The Scenes to view animals not available to the public. Next, hop into our UTV to explore our Drive-Thru area where larger free-roaming animals such as our 4-Horned Jacob Sheep, Elands, Aoudads, Zebras, Camels, and Emus happily coexist! Our tour creates unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 



13 years & Up : $35
3 years to 12 years : $30

Animal Encounters

What you will experience

Experience more on your visit by having a close encounter with some of our animals. A guide will take you to visit your encounter animals to hear more about the species both in the wild and here at Aikman Wildlife Adventure.


$5-$10 depending upon the Encounter


Weather Policy

All Adventures depend on weather conditions and the season we are in to be able to offer them. We always determine what we can offer 2 hours before the park opens. When the weather is unfavorable, please call 217-268-3500 or check out our Facebook page the day you are coming out to see what Adventurers we are offering.

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