Behind The Scenes Adventure

What you will experience

For the ultimate up close and personal animal experience ride with our guide as we go off the beaten path and make a trail through the Drive-Thru in our UTV which can hold up to 8 people. Your guide will also take you through areas of the Walk-Thru as you meet animals that are not seen by the general public. Arrive early so you will have a chance to visit the Petting Zoo and explore the Walk-Thru area on your own.


Parties of 5 or less: $175
Additional cost for parties of 6-8, please ask for details when booking.

To help with social distancing concerns, at this time we are offering the Behind The Scenes Adventures at $175 for exclusive parties up to 5 individuals. The fixed price for Behind The Scenes is only temporary.  

Some Animals You’ll meet

  • Red & Silver Foxes
  • Wolfdog Hybrids
  • Zebras
  • Horses
  • Camels
  • Emus

Weather Policy

All Adventures depend on weather conditions and the season we are in to be able to offer them. The Drive-Thru may be closed due to muddy paths. We always determine what we can offer 2 hours before the park opens. When the weather is unfavorable, please call 217-268-3500 or check out our Facebook page the day you are coming out to see what Adventurers we are offering.

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