Aikman Wildlife Adventure | Emu
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The emu is the second-largest living bird by height, after its ratite relative, the ostrich. It is endemic to Australia where it is the largest native bird and the only extant member of the genus Dromaius.

Fun Facts
  • Emus have long necks and two sets of eyelids, one for blinking and one to keep the dust out. They have long feet with three toes on each foot.
  • Each of their feathers has a double shaft. They run holding out their tiny wings hidden under the feathers to serve as stabilizers.
  • Emus require water every day. They use their lungs as evaporative coolers in hot weather. In cool weather the multiple folds in the nasal passages are used to recycle air and create moisture for reuse.

Lowest risk; does not qualify for a higher risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.