Aikman Wildlife Adventure | Guinea Fowl
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Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl
South Africa

Guinea Fowl


Guineafowl are birds of the family Numididae in the order Galliformes. They are endemic to the continent of Africa and rank among the oldest of the gallinaceous birds. They are phylogenetically intermediate between peafowl and the Odontophoridae.

Fun Facts
  • The guinea fowl is a ground-nesting bird and spends much of its time scratching around on the ground in search for something to eat.
  • Guinea fowl are farmed around the world for their meat, eggs and feathers.
  • The guinea fowl has numerous predators wherever it happens to be. Mammals including wildcats, dogs, wolves, humans and large reptiles such as snakes and crocodiles are the most common predators of the guinea fowl.

Lowest risk; does not qualify for a higher risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.