Group Tours
Aikman Wildlife Adventure is the perfect place for your next school field trip or group outing!

Located just outside the town of Arcola, we are the perfect stop for any group with adventurous hearts and curious minds. With over 200 animals and 70 different species as well as very knowledgeable guides and staff, your group will not only get an opportunity for up-close encounters with our animals; you will also get the opportunity to learn about animal conservation and day-to-day care of all our awesome creatures. If you choose to bring your group here, you can look forward to: 1.5 hours of access to our park for your group (On days the park is not open to the public), a free cup of food at the petting zoo for each guest, access to the Walk-through and the Museum of Prehistoric Life, and memories that will last a lifetime!


20 Guests & Under

$275 (Flate Rate)

21+ Guests

Adults: $14
Children: $10

35+ Guests

Adults: $13
Children: $9

50+ Guests

Adults: $12
Children: $8

100+ Guests

Adults: $11
Children: $7

These rates are for group tours booked on days the park is closed to the public. Groups of 20 or more guests, age 3 and above, can have 10% taken from the final total on days we are publicly open, but only if the entire purchase is performed in one transaction. Multiple transactions void the group discount.

Children age 2 and under are free and do not count toward the group minimum. Price bracket is determined by the total number of guests attending. Payment must be taken care of prior to or on the day of your visit.


We recommend making reservations several months in advance if possible. Available time slots are determined by group size and seasonal hours. Groups are allowed a total of 90 minutes to complete their Wagon and Walk-Thru tours. A final headcount must be provided one week prior to your scheduled visit. We require groups to pay in one transaction by check, credit card, or cash. 

If additional guests attend without our knowledge we cannot guarantee space on the reserved wagon(s).

During Your Visit

  • Groups will have 90 minutes to complete their Wagon Tour and Walk-Thru.
  • Groups may arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled Group Tours.
  • To keep our grounds clean and animals safe, groups are responsible for properly disposing of all trash before the end of their visit.
Late Policy

If a group arrives more than 15 minutes late for their reservation they will no longer be guaranteed a Wagon Tour and may only be permitted to complete the Walk-Thru tour.


Lunches can be enjoyed in the grassy areas of our parking lot.

The following nearby parks provide covered picnic areas, restrooms, and playgrounds:

Eberhardt Park: Located 12 minutes away in Arthur
S Eberhardt St, Arthur, IL 61911

Moore Memorial Park: Located 9 minutes away in Arcola
Kelly Moore Drive, Arcola, IL 61910

Park Expectations

For the safety of our guests, animals, and staff, please refrain from running on park grounds. We also ask that there be no chasing of any free roaming animals. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you!

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