Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located 5 miles west of Arcola and I-57 exit 203. We are also 5 miles east of Arthur.

Our address is:
125 N Country Road 425 E
Arcola, IL 61910

What are your hours?

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Admission ends and Drive-Thru entry gates close 30 minutes prior to closing time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take cash, check, debit and credit cards, as well as Apple/Google pay (Touchless pay).

Do we need to pre-book an Adventure?

Most adventures can be booked online in advance. Our Walk-Thru Only, Drive-Thru Only, and Triple Crown adventures are not limited to a specific time or day within our operating hours (though admission ends and Drive-Thru entry gates close 30 minutes prior to closing). If you are unable to make it to the park on the day you purchased admission, we will still honor your purchase. Simply check-in at our Gift Shop or Ticket Booth.

Behind-the-Scenes and Off-Road adventures are limited to parties of 5-8 and do have specific time slots on a schedule. We recommend booking these in advance.

Our Wagon Adventure is the only adventure that you cannot pre-purchase. Wagon tickets are sold on-site only on a first come, first served basis. Wagons may run one per hour or half-hour depending on weather and demand. Wagons may end early if there is very little demand.

Are outside pets allowed into the Drive-Thru or other parts of the park?

Personal animals are not allowed on the Aikman Wildlife Adventure property outside of Registered Service Animals in limited areas.

Is the Walk-Thru path wheelchair accessible?

A majority of the Walk-Thru paths are concrete while other portions are constructed with loose dirt and gravel. Some spots are a little rougher than others and will take a little more effort to go on. If you are wanting to enjoy a Wagon Adventure, we have extra space at the front of the wagon that manually operated wheelchairs slide into.
*Please inquire with us about electric wheelchairs and for your specific needs.

What are your "rules of the road" for your drive-thru?

Do you have a restaurant?

Our Watering Hole is currently open in the Walk-Thru during public hours with ice cream, hotdogs, fountain drinks, pretzels, and other tasty treats!

What is your policy on open-air vehicles?

All vehicles must have solid tops and doors on to enter the Drive-Thru section of our park. Please see our Rules of the Road for additional information.

Can I feed the animals?

Drive-Thru animals can only be fed from our Wagon Adventure, Off-Road Adventure, or our Behind-the-Scenes Adventure. We provide you the food for these Adventures and will have them ready for you. There is no feeding allowed from your own vehicle.
Inside the Walk-Thru section of our park we also have our Petting Zoo where you can pet and feed our animals. Feed is available at the Petting Zoo for $1 per cup.

Can I get out of my vehicle?

While in the Drive-Thru section of our park you must remain inside of your vehicle with the windows up at all times.

Is smoking allowed at your park?

Our park is smoke-free and our animals really appreciate it! Smoking and vaping are prohibited in the park.

Can I bring my own lunch to the park?

You are welcome to bring your own lunch and picnic in the grassy areas of the parking lot. However, no outside food can be permitted to be brought into the park.
You are also welcome to enjoy our Watering Hole for a tasty snack or lunch.

Can children under two participate in the Behind The Scenes Adventure?

Yes, Children aged 2 and under are welcome to enjoy any of our adventures at the parent’s or legal guardian’s discretion.

Are you still open on bad weather days?

Most of our tours will still continue in rainy conditions but may be delayed if there is any lightning or other adverse weather conditions in the vicinity. The Drive-Thru may be closed due to excessively muddy paths if we have had excessive amounts of rain. If there is adverse weather (or snow during the winter), you can call 217-268-3500 or check out our Facebook Page on the day you are coming out to check if we are open.

*Please note that anything is subject to changes as needed by our park.

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