Dinornis - Aikman Wildlife Adventure Model


Scientific name: Dinornis robustus
Family: †Dinornithidae
Classification: Aves

Place of Origin: It was endemic to New Zealand
Weight: 500+ lbs.
Body size: 12 ft.
Top speed: 4.5 mph
Diet: Herbivore
Habitat: This moa lived on the North Island of New Zealand, and lived in the lowlands (shrublands, grasslands, dunelands, and forests)

Fun Facts

  • The tallest birds to ever exist. They belong to the moa family and are characterized by quite dramatic sexual dimorphism, with the females being significantly larger than the males

Conservation Status


Annual Cost of Care


Though the Dinornis is extinct, by adopting this animal your donation will go toward providing for the daily cost of care for wildlife that lives at Aikman Wildlife Adventure.

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