Linnaeus’s Sloth
Linnaeus's Sloth - Aikman Wildlife Adventure


Scientific name: Choloepus didactylus

Place of Origin: South America
Lifespan (in wild): 20 years
Weight: 14 lbs.
Body size: 21 to 29 inches
Diet: Herbivore

Fun Facts

  • Linnaeus’s sloth is the slowest animal in the world
  • Linnaeus’s sloth are likely to get nutrients either by licking algae or absorption through their skin
  • Sloths are very good swimmers. 
  • Sloths don’t drink much water. They get most of their water through the food they eat.

Conservation Status

Least concern

Annual Cost of Care

The cost to care for this animal per year is $1000.

Through our Adopt a Species program, you have an opportunity to provide for this animal’s needs by paying for the annual cost of care. Check out our Donate page for other ways you can give!

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