Spotted Hyena
American Black Bear


Park Name: Taz, Tasha

Scientific name: Crocuta crocuta
Family: Hyaenidae
Classification: Mammal

Place of Origin: Africa 
Lifespan (in wild): Around 25 years
Weight: 110-190lb
Body size: Up to 6.5 ft
Top speed: 40 mph
Diet: Carnivore
Habitat: Grassland and Savanna

Fun Facts

  • Hyenas have a strict alpha female social structure, meaning females are the pack leaders and tend to be bigger and stronger than their male counterparts
  • Hyenas can eat a large gazelle in less than 2 minutes
  • The spotted hyena’s heart weight is equal to 1% of its total body weight, which is helpful when running
  • These animals are exteremely social often running in packs of 100+

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Annual Cost of Care

The cost to care for this animal per year is $1000.

Through our Adopt a Species program, you have an opportunity to provide for this animal’s needs by paying for the annual cost of care. Check out our Donate page for other ways you can give!

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