Striped Hyena
striped Hyena


Scientific name: Hyaena hyaena
Family: Hyaenidae
Classification: Mammal

Place of Origin: Northern Africa, the Middle East, and India
Lifespan (in wild): Around 12 years
Weight: 49 – 120 lbs
Body size: 2 – 2.6 ft
Top speed: 31 mph
Diet: Carnivore


Fun Facts

  • Adult Striped hyena females are dominant over males and aggressive toward other females.
  • Striped hyenas are the national animal of Lebanon.
  • Striped hyenas can raise their hair to make it look over 30 percent larger.

Conservation Status

Near Threatened

Annual Cost of Care

The cost to care for this animal per year is $1200.

Through our Adopt a Species program, you have an opportunity to provide for this animal’s needs by paying for the annual cost of care. Check out our Donate page for other ways you can give!

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